The balloon takes off from the city center for the first time

Hot air balloon took off from Longyearbyen. It's not happening everyday.


The hot air balloon normally takes off from one of the valleys near Longyearbyen, but Wednesday last week, the day before Svalbardposten joined in, the balloon ride started outside Unis.

"In the valleys there is less wind, but now it is so little wind that we can take off from town for the first time," says Thomas Risch, Sales Manager at Spitzbergen Adventures.

The first journey from the city center was this year's 15th trip. Spitzbergen Adventures started with balloon tours last year. They had 18 tours between mid-March and early May.

"This year we have booked 25 tours, but we hope to fly as often as possible," says Risch.

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The tours are expensive and guests have to spend almost 5000 NOK per person.

- Is it good money to earn on this?

"We are not getting rich in this. The price is as it is because there are very high startup costs. It costs a lot to carry the equipment up here. In addition, there are expenses for the crew, "says general manager Doreen Lampe.

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