So much for the new entryway installed last week:

This is how it looked at Isfjord Radio after a polar bear visit

See pictures and video.


On Sunday a polar bear broke into the storage room at Isfjord Radio. Svalbardposten Editor Hilde Røsvik was at the station during the weekend.

"When a helicopter from the governor's office arrived the polar bear jumped out the window and disappeared across the road," said Røsvik, who took pictures and video from a window a few meters away from the polar bear.

"It has been an unusual day," she said.

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The polar bear entered the food storage room by destroying the entryway.

The entryway was only a week old.

"The new entrance was installed just last week after the old entryway was destroyed by a polar bear in February," said Kristoffer Eide.

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According to the governor, the bear is heading towards the north side of Isfjorden.

"It was clearly intimidated by the helicopter and swung north to the other side of icefjorden," said Police Chief Lt. Vidar Arnesen.

Guests visiting the station during the weekend are now on their way back to Longyearbyen. New visitors at Isfjord Radio are not expected until next week.

"The crew at the station has set up a guard as result in case the bear returns," Arnesen said.

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